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Depatriarchalizing Pixel Lands
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AIN'T NO GAME by Marion Müller

This isn’t a game. It’s a brief history of equality in Austria. We are progress. We are the heroes.

The Hate Odyssey by Andreas Palfinger

Researching for the ultimate weapon, a »love-bomb«, the leading scientist Dr. Stephanie has to shrink herself to study the so-called »hate-molecules« inside the human body.

Lost + Found by Wietske Nutma, Tina Zeltwanger

Miss Nude — a strong female character has to escape from the objectified world of being a woman, collecting clothing to cover her nakedness. Jumping and running through the maze the focus changes from boobs, butts and curves to other body parts finally reaching feelings, expressions and individual faces – ending up being human again.


In a sucess-oriented world full of survaillance and maximum producitivity, keeping enthusiasm and an optimistic world-view is not always easy. Within the working and especially creative class, it is expected to keep a positive-thinking approach regardless precarious situatuations and badly paid work. Project visually absorbs aesthetics of Socialist realism, where the imagery of strong, happy and enthusiastic people presented the ideology, which was not so ideal as it seemed to be.
 In the game Quest for Enthusiasm, a character –
the Future Enthusiast– is navigating through the world of geomethic symbols and socialist easthetics. Play the game and find your enthusiasm!

MR CONSHOP 1.0 by Noah von Stietencron

Do you really think you can shop consciously?

The Tearing Heroine by Monika Ernst

You are the ultimate female hero who collects willing humans. Be careful: medicine can make you collapse!

GAME OF EMOTIONS by Frances Stusche

Get it together and stand up to your emotions.

WOAH SHIT YEAH by Joo Lee, Ejla Miletic

Eat some prickly pears, grab some toilet paper, fight your creative constipation and go to the toilet.

Step By Step by Jovan Sertic

Small steps to success ladders.

JUMP 'N' POETRY by Dominik Einfalt

Become the next famous Poet. Collect "&" to generate a unique Poetry.

SUPER V by Hilal Avci, Pauline Jocher

Super V from galaxy Vulvus is landing on Planet Earth to destroy still remaining aesthetic standard expectations on women.